一、安装 Python 2.7
二、安装 bypy
git clone
cd bypy
python install


bypy info
Please visit:
And authorize this app
Paste the Authorization Code here within 10 minutes.
Press [Enter] when you are done
Authorizing, please be patient, it may take upto 300 seconds...
Authorizing/refreshing with the OpenShift server ...
OpenShift server failed, authorizing/refreshing with the Heroku server ...
Successfully authorized
Quota: 2.008TB
Used: 80.309GB


复制授权码,粘贴到控制台并 Enter 等待授权结束。
bypy -h
usage: bypy [-h] [-V] [-d] [-v] [-r RETRY] [-q] [-t TIMEOUT] [-s SLICE]
[--chunk CHUNK] [-e] [-f] [--no-resume-download]
[--include-regex INCREGEX] [--on-dup ONDUP] [--no-symlink]
[--disable-ssl-check] [--cacerts CACERTS] [--mirror MIRROR]
[--select-fastest-mirror] [--rapid-upload-only]
[--resume-download-revert-back RCOUNT] [--move]
[--processes PROCESSES] [--downloader DOWNLOADER]
[--downloader-arguments DOWNLOADER_ARGS] [--config-dir CONFIGDIR]
[command [command ...]]

bypy v1.6.6 - Python client for Baidu Yun (Personal Cloud Storage) 百度云/百度网盘 Python 客户端

positional arguments:
command operations (quota, list, etc)

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-V, --version show program's version number and exit
-d, --debug set debugging level (-dd to increase debugging level,
-ddd to enable HTPP traffic debugging as well (very
talkative)) [default: 0]
-v, --verbose set verbosity level [default: 0]
-r RETRY, --retry RETRY
number of retry attempts on network error [default: 5
-q, --quit-when-fail quit when maximum number of retry failed [default:
-t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
network timeout in seconds [default: 300]
-s SLICE, --slice SLICE
size of file upload slice (can use '1024', '2k',
'3MB', etc) [default: 20 MB]
--chunk CHUNK size of file download chunk (can use '1024', '2k',
'3MB', etc) [default: 20 MB]
-e, --verify verify upload / download [default : False]
-f, --force-hash force file MD5 / CRC32 calculation instead of using
cached value
--no-resume-download resume instead of restarting when downloading if local
file already exists [default: True]
--include-regex INCREGEX
regular expression of files to include. if not
specified (default), everything is included. for
download, the regex applies to the remote files; for
upload, the regex applies to the local files. to
exclude files, think about your regex, some tips here:
[default: ]
--on-dup ONDUP what to do when the same file / folder exists in the
destination: 'overwrite', 'skip', 'prompt' [default:
--no-symlink DON'T follow symbol links when uploading / syncing up
--disable-ssl-check DON'T verify host SSL cerificate
--cacerts CACERTS Specify the path for CA Bundle [default: None]
--mirror MIRROR Specify the PCS mirror (e.g. Open 'ht
t' to get the list) to use. [default:]
Let the program run some tests and select the fastest
PCS mirror it detectes. [default: False]
--rapid-upload-only only upload large files that can be rapidly uploaded
--resume-download-revert-back RCOUNT
Revert back at least RCOUNT download chunk(s) and
align to chunk boundary when resuming the download. A
negative value means NO reverts. [default: 1]
--move Delete source files/directories after
download/upload/syncdown/syncup is successful (This
will force verification of the files). [default:
--processes PROCESSES
Number of parallel processes. (Only applies to dir
sync/dl/ul). [default: 1]
--downloader DOWNLOADER
downloader to use (use python if not specified). valid
values: [u'aria2'] [default: ]
--downloader-arguments DOWNLOADER_ARGS
arguments for the downloader: normally, the string is
the arguments to be passed to the downloader. however,
when it begins with '@', it will be treated as the
name of file, whose contents will be used as the
downloader arguments (example: when specifying
'@args.txt', file contents of 'args.txt' will be used
as the downloader arguments, not the string
'@args.txt' itself). you can also use environment
variable 'DOWNLOADER_ARGUMENTS' to specify the
downloader arguments (the environment variable has
lower priority compared to this argument). default
values: {u'aria2': u'-c -k10M -x4 -s4 --file-
--config-dir CONFIGDIR
specify the config path [default: /root/.bypy]
-c, --clean remove the token file (need re-auth) and upload
progress file, -cc: clean hash cache file as well

restore - restore a file from the recycle bin
cdl_add [save_path] [timeout] - add an offline (cloud) download task
cdl_addmon [save_path] [timeout] - add an offline (cloud) download task and monitor the download progress
cdl_cancel - cancel an offline (cloud) download task
cdl_list - list offline (cloud) download tasks
cdl_query - query existing offline (cloud) download tasks
cleancache - remove invalid entries from hash cache file
combine [localfile] [md5s] - try to create a file at PCS by combining slices, having MD5s specified
compare [remotedir] [localdir] - compare the remote directory with the local directory
copy/cp - copy a file / dir remotely at Baidu Yun
delete/remove/rm - delete a file / dir remotely at Baidu Yun
downdir [remotedir] [localdir] - download a remote directory (recursively)
downfile [localpath] - download a remote file.
download [remotepath] [localpath] - download a remote directory (recursively) / file
dumpcache - display file hash cache
list/ls [remotepath] [format] [sort] [order] - list the 'remotepath' directory at Baidu PCS
listrecycle [start] [limit] - list the recycle contents
meta [format] - get information of the given path (dir / file) at Baidu Yun.
mkdir - create a directory at Baidu Yun
move/mv/rename/ren - move a file / dir remotely at Baidu Yun
quota/info - displays the quota information
refreshtoken - refresh the access token
search [remotepath] [recursive] - search for a file using keyword at Baidu Yun
stream [format] [chunk] - stream a video / audio file converted to M3U format at cloud side, to a pipe.
syncdown [remotedir] [localdir] [deletelocal] - sync down from the remote directory to the local directory
syncup [localdir] [remotedir] [deleteremote] - sync up from the local directory to the remote directory
upload [localpath] [remotepath] [ondup] - upload a file or directory (recursively)


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